Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow


So today we say good bye to social media class. It feels like it was just the other day that we were meeting for the first time. Everything was new and exciting, and uncertain.  When I first started this course I really knew very little about any of these social media tools.

I learnt not only about countless social media tools, but their aspects in the business world.  I feel less like a newbie in the subject then when I started. Although I am far from a professional, but at least I know what the tools are about including their relation to business. And how it opens the world up to its business.

Although I’ve come far from the newbie I was when we started at the beginning of the semester I do still feel that I have way more learning to do before I would ever even consider myself a professional . I feel that I can take what I have learnt and apply it to my future in the business world. I may not be considering owning my own business right now but it does have a nice sound to it for the future.

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Break out the RULER

So this week will looking at three different social media measurement tools. There are many different social media measurement tool out there, to name just a few there’s: Radian6, Retweet Rank, Sysomos, Klout, SWIX, Sprout Social, Youtube stats, and many more. The one’s I’ll be looking at today are Source Metrics, Twitter Counter, and Facebook Insight.

The first tool I’m going to look at is Source Metrics. Source Metrics allows you to publish to all your social channels from one place. You can see which of your social marketing campaigns your best performers are. Listen and engages with your critics. And tracks your audience and engagement for all your social channels. And it spots connections between your different social media sites.

Next I looked at Twitter Counter. Which unlike Source Metrics only looks at one media site, you guessed it Twitter. You have the option of the free version or you can pay for the pro and get more features. Twitter counter gives stats on the number of visitors and followers. They also offer widgets to add to your different sites so you can see recent twitter visitors going to those sites.

And lastly is going to look at Facebook Insights. Facebook insight tracks user interaction on their Facebook page. It shows you your best day of the week to post, and what type of content is the most popular. This tool also tells you the number of friends and fans that are potentially available ( the number of people you can reach), and also how many people are actively talking about you page.

The importance of social media measurement tools to a business is that if you better understand your audience then you can know how to make your business sites better to keep them coming back. You want to know what your online audience wants. So you can give it to them before they take their business elsewhere.

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Planning Ahead

So for this week’s blog we’ll be looking at setting up a social media plan for a business. For the sake of the blog it will be a made up business. The business is called Extreme Promotional Materials, they supplies personalized uniforms and promotional materials for sports teams and businesses. The have a variety of goods that can be personalized with lettering and logos, from sports team gear to pens. So now that you know a bit about the business I’m going to jump right into the social media plan that I have designed for this company.

The reasoning behind this social media plan for Extreme Promotional Materials (EPM) is to bring more business to the store. This would help with the idea of one day expanding the business. Once/ if we do expand being connected through the internet will help the stores stay connected.

Mission, Vision, Goals
Our mission is to provide customers with customized merchandise. We go to great lengths to see to it that the customers are completely happy with their experience. By making it as easy as possible to make, create, and designing the customers lettering and logos.

Key Messages
Were here to make your dreams a reality. We want to keep you coming back to us and have you even tell your friends about the great service and how easy it was for you to design, create, and receive your customized merchandise.

Target Audience
Our target audience would have to be businesses, teams, and clubs. The people that are going to want their name on different merchandise in order to hand it out. Or that have to where their logo in order to differentiate themselves form others.

Social Media Tools and Engagement Strategy
There are three main tools that I think we should use. I would like to use LinkedIn, twitter, and Facebook. I think that LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get our name out to different businesses and for them to find us. But because that won’t happen overnight were could use LinkedIn to contact them. I think twitter is a good idea because of how major twitter is. It could be a great way to put our name out there. And I think Facebook could be a great way to connect to different teams and clubs. A large amount of teams and clubs have a Facebook page so this would be a way to contact them.

Knowing what a social media plan is seems pretty easy right. It’s a plan for your social media. But knowing how to make one and put it to work is also important. And knowing the importance of what a social media plan can do for your business. It helps you to understand what you want and to make it a reality.

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Putting your best foot forward

So this week I’ll be talking about the importance of your digital footprint, and how you can enhance. We’ll be looking at the digital footprint from a business prospective. There are many different ways to clean up your digital footprint some that are really easy and well known and some that are not so known. For today were just going to look at three different possibilities.

It’s important to know what a will be seen when someone tries to look you up on Google. It’s even more so when you facture in that a possible future employer might take the time to Google job candidates. Not only is it great to check that there are no undesirable sites and photos it is also essential to broadcast yourself. You want an employer to see you; you want to start your first impression in a good direction before you even meet. It just might ensure that you do meet. For the case of small businesses you need to keep in mind that people can have the tendency to be a bit lazy. If it’s not on the first page, or the first few site choices it could be the deciding facture in the business choice someone takes.

The sites there are sites or apps that can also help with the better digital footprint. These usually differ slightly or sometimes a lot from each other. So before you pick one make user you read about what these sites are going to do and what the end result will be. For the most part they look into you social media sites for you and categorize what seem to be trends. Then either you can make the next step by taking the information you have received and just doing self-changes. So if it comes up that you maybe don’t use the most professional language you can move ahead knowing that you need to do better on that. Or most of the sites offer to change and get rid of a lot of the bad that you don’t want to keep. One I have stumbled across is called Socioclean, I have never used this site so please don’t just use it without learning more about it.

Most people out there have a picture somewhere that might not be of their best site, but a visually unflattering picture and a picture that does not flatter your character are very different. You want to make sure that the information that people can see out there about you is nothing but the best. So it might be time to take down the pic’s from that party that you were at a while bake and those posts between friends that are inside jokes that might be taken the wrong way from an outsider. And I know you thinking about those pictures you didn’t post but are in. well maybe it’s time to consider un-tagging yourself, if the pictures and important to you just save them to your computer. And the information about the pictures can be translated into posting and a number of other media tools. Just know that you can usually take off the info yourself or ask your buddy to sympathize with you and keep it under wraps. You don’t want employers to think that you are irresponsible or untrustworthy.

In this world where you can look up almost anything you want to know on the internet the need for a clean digital footprint has come to be necessary. And that goes double for the business world. You want to make sure first of all that the you they are goggling are actually you, and not someone with the same name that’s possibly going to make a bad impression. There are also sites out there that will look at your digital footprint and tell you what your sitting at which could make it easier to go from there to fix it. You also want to make sure that the information and pictures that you, your friends and others are putting on media sites is nothing but the best. No one wants to hire someone that does not conduct themselves in a professional manner. So all this is really just an action plan to make sure that your digital self is the very best. You want yourself to stand out before you even meet someone in person. And don’t just stop once your initial cleanup is done; make sure to keep the cleaning going. That means googleing yourself regularly, looking into the sites, and keeping up with what’s being put on you medial sites.

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It’s all in the PR (Public Relations.)

So this week were looking into three different sites that talk about the latest trends. The three I will be looking at are Mashable, Social Media Explorer and TechCrunch. So were going to look at an article from each site. I will be sumarizing each article and relate the use of the article back to the world of business.

So first will look at Mashable.

The article I have chosen is called iPhone Loyalty Wanes After Apple’s Latest Smartphone Release [STUDY]

Strategy Analytics conducted a survey in which they found that Apple users were no longer so interested with sticking with the apple brand in the future. They found that there was a 5% drop in current owners that were willing to keep with the apple brand should they have to buy a new phone. There are similar declines in Apple loyalty seen globally. “It is the shift in the number of those who are unsure whether they will remain with the same brand for their next phone that Apple should be concerned about,” Taryn Tulay, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, tells Tom’s Hardware. Also people are unhappy with the amount of innovation put into the hardware of the new iPhone 5.

Business relation
They also suggested other Apple reading which can potentially make the reader more interested in their products or brand. This article in particular is a pretty negative one, but a positive one could do great things for a business. I would generate knowledge and hype about the business. The page also asks do you currently have an iPhone and are you willing to buy another one at some point? Share in the comments below. The company also has a chance to read comments left by current customers. Like in this articles case there are people commenting about what they did want from the iPhone 5, so Apple could take these comments into consideration when they make their next phone.

Secondly will look at Social Media Explorer.

The article I have chosen is called Today’s Social Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

So this article is talking about social medias impact on businesses. They refer to it as Socail business. They talk about how many are approaching it as a new problem that needs to be solved, however they should look at it as a new way to approach an old problem. Michael Brito agrees that today’s society is constantly flooded with content. And that ordinary people can embrace this new world of communication with no boundaries, anyone can grow their own influence to impact businesses and governments.

Business relation
The relation here is obvious, it’s no secret that social media has an effect and impact on businesses. There is room for comments and feedback so business can see what you think. However I found this site hard to use and navigate. It was very cluttered with different ads and writing all over it was hard to see a definite end to the article. It was also hard to find articles in my opinion.

The lastly will look at TechCrunch.

The article I have chosen is called the iPad Mini Is The Ideal Second Screen Companion

So this article talks about the new iPad mini and the idea on second screen or screen companion. They say that the iPad mini hits the sweet spot of portability, between the iPhone and the original iPad. Second screen or screen companion is when you use another screened device like an iPad while you watch tv. The iPad is a big hit when it comes to screen companions. A recent Nielsen report showed that 86 percent of smartphone owners and 88 percent of tablet owners use their devices while watching TV, and smartphone ownership in the U.S. recently crossed the 50 percent threshold, meaning a huge number of TV viewers are dividing their attention. Second screen isn’t a trend to watch; it’s a living, breathing phenomenon that’s already arrived.

Business relation
The site is yet again writing about the latest trends lust like the other two sites. Here’s another one involving the Apple brand, however this one is a positive one. The article has many coments and is easy to find. There are other articles that have video’s connected to them, which I think is terrific. It allows you to have a better idea about the article, brand, and products.

These sites are seen by countless people looking into the new thing. For the most part I feel that these sites and easy to navigate and read. They are very user friendly. It’s also a chance to advertise and get people talking about your business. You can read the comments and better your business or product if you see a popular idea.

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A few drops in an ocean

So far we’ve looked at some of the more well-known social media tools. Which are easier to see their effect on the world of business. But today were going to look at another two sites. We’re going to look at pinterest and instagram.

Instagram is an app you can get for your phone or IPod touch and some other types of phones. The app allows you to apply things called filters and data to photos. Then you can upload these photos to Facebook, twitter, tumblr or just save them and keep them for yourself. This can allow your business to use these photos to advertise and make them look professional yourself. And share them to all the media sites so that many people see them.

Pinterest is also a very cool site. Pinterest is like an online folder for all the pictures you like. Either one’s you have personally taken or one’s that are already on pinterest that you like and save to your account. You can create an account for yourself or just look through the different pictures. Once you set up your account to look through pictures already on pinterest you go to categories and pick what you’re interested in looking at. This means that if you’re a business you can set up a pinterest account geared toward what your business is all about and or you services and products. So people will see the advertising and want to try it.

So with both these sites it is very important to have a professional look. So that when potential customers visit the page they will be intrigued and not put off about maybe visiting the business or company. It’s a great way to advertise. And in a world that is so online, it’s a way to so what you have for people at are looking in that direction, and even catch the eye of some who are not.

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Online Video Pawsitivity.

So this week we’ve been looking at how businesses use inline videos and we were given a little summary of a business that is not real with the goal of telling how we would use online videos to promote said business. The business is called Pet Pawsitive. Pet Pawsitive is a mid-sized business with twi locations in Belleville and Kingston. Pet Pawsitive isn’t just your average pet store, Pet Pawsitive focuses on providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, and rehabilitation and service classes. The company is also known for their active role in their communities.
When thinking about how I would use online videos to promote this business I first thought about what I wanted this video to do. I want it to be memorable, I wanted it to get across the stores views and I wanted it to be easily accessible. I find that the first stop when it comes to looking up video’s online would have to be YouTube. YouTube is one of the most popular video cites and it’s free which makes it a terrific place to put our video to maximise the amount of viewers.

When I think about memorable videos I think about two different categories. I find videos that are either really funny of really touching to be the most memorable. I myself find that the videos that are just dropping a lot of facts without any life or excitement to be boring and I just tune out. So with our company being about wellness I think that were going to want to go for something heartfelt and touching.
Now to reach out to our audience. We want to let them know what were about without hitting them with seemingly endless facts. So I was thinking that the type of video should be a mix of behind-the-scenes and products and services. This will allow them to see what were about without the stats and facts. So maybe a mix of our work in the community and our services offered in our store.

When thinking about doing an online video for your company I think it’s a good idea to always keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish with your video. Then you can figure out the ways to make that happen. For example in mine I had the three key things I was going for memorable, showing our values, and accessibility. But why do an online video? Well it’s a great way to advertise. Just think about all the people that use the internet every day. And it’s not just random, this way you’ll get people who are actually searching for what you offer finding your business information. So next time why not give online videos a try.

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“That was Easy”.

Companies are doing their best to connect with their customers outside of the store. We’ve looked at how they use blogs and twitter so far and now were going to look at another form of social media that seems to be growing non-stop. Yep were going to look into how a company use their Facebook page to connect with their customers. Specifically were going to look at what they share on their page, how they engage with their customers and fans, and their ton and visuals. So were going to have a look at the Staples Facebook page to see how they use it.

Staples shares about what’s new in their store, and also a bit of history and knowledge about the company. And also their goals as a store. They share their weekly Ads so you can see what deals they have. I like that their time line goes all the way back to their founding in May of 1986. And their about blurb really gives you an idea of what the store is striving for, which in Staples case it is striving to make the complicated easier.

Connecting with the customers and fans. They offer a place to ask question and they always seem to get back to you in a matter of hours. I like that even when a customer had an issue with the service they had from Staples the people running the page help you to resolve it or they’ll get you the contact information to someone who can. And they ask that you let them know how it goes, so there not just sending you off and you’re done they want to see it through to the end of the problem. They also ask for the customer’s opinion. Like one of their resent posts asking “does your office show your personality”? So the page is all about getting to know about the customers.

The ton and visual of the page is casual, which I think is very good. I think that having a casual ton is good for the reader because you aren’t afraid to ask any question you like. The visuals are simple and clean, and good to grab the reader’s attention. Their banner shows their signature easy button. And the profile picture is their logo. All their visuals makes it easy to find the page which is very important, because it’s the first step to using the page.

I think that Staples uses their Facebook page very well. They share information that the customers are looking for, like sales and history. They connect with customers to answer questions and see it through to the end. Their visuals and ton make the page easy to find, and easy to communicate your full opinion. All this is key; you want people to enjoy what your company has to offer even outside of the store to keep them wanting to come back.

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Suzy likes to Tweet

This blog will focus on businesses that use twitter. The specific business I will be looking at is Suzy Shier. Will be looking at how they engage with the reader, how much they tweet, and visuals.

From what I’ve seen I would say that Suzy Shier uses their twitter pretty well. They update in often, they put information that the customers want to know like about sales. And they are pretty good at answering the questions of the customers.

The visuals of the page are well suited for getting you your attention. The site isn’t so cluttered with pictures that you can’t see but not so vacant that it looks deserted. I like that many customers appear to have put up pictures of their favorite Suzy Shier outfit or favorite thing from their store.

I feel that Suzy Shier uses their twitter site well. The visuals are great, and they engage their customers well. They also tweet often and tweet about things their customers are looking for. All and all a good page to read if you like Suzy Shier.

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A Look at the Adidas Blog

This blog post will be focused on a business blog. To be specific the Adidas group blog. We’re going to look into a few key factors. Factors like the frequency of updating, how they engage with the reader, the visuals and navigations, contributions and purpose.

The site has something new going on almost every day. There are new posts usually every other day. Adidas connects with their readers a great deal. They have a page called authors, which allows you to email their team about everything there are over 70 different people you can contact, and every contact has a different specialty. They also connect with a Facebook page and also twitter. The visuals on this blog are excellent; there are photos with every different post. This makes it easier to read, by giving a little insight into what your about to read. Navigating this blog is super easy. There are five main pages, the two I found the most help were authors, and the function of this page is above. And then the other page that is useful would have to be the categories page. Which has a big list of different categories that you might be looking into knowing more about and you can look up what you need to know. And the contributions and purpose are to inform customers about everything and anything they want to know about. Form their latest pair of shoes to their involvement in the communities and more.

So the business blog that Adidas uses is basically a information blog. Somewhere their customers can go to find out what ever they are trying to find out or just looking to know more about the company. The blog is also good advertisement for their company. And most people would like to see a website for companies they are interested in buying something from.

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