Suzy likes to Tweet

This blog will focus on businesses that use twitter. The specific business I will be looking at is Suzy Shier. Will be looking at how they engage with the reader, how much they tweet, and visuals.

From what I’ve seen I would say that Suzy Shier uses their twitter pretty well. They update in often, they put information that the customers want to know like about sales. And they are pretty good at answering the questions of the customers.

The visuals of the page are well suited for getting you your attention. The site isn’t so cluttered with pictures that you can’t see but not so vacant that it looks deserted. I like that many customers appear to have put up pictures of their favorite Suzy Shier outfit or favorite thing from their store.

I feel that Suzy Shier uses their twitter site well. The visuals are great, and they engage their customers well. They also tweet often and tweet about things their customers are looking for. All and all a good page to read if you like Suzy Shier.

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A Look at the Adidas Blog

This blog post will be focused on a business blog. To be specific the Adidas group blog. We’re going to look into a few key factors. Factors like the frequency of updating, how they engage with the reader, the visuals and navigations, contributions and purpose.

The site has something new going on almost every day. There are new posts usually every other day. Adidas connects with their readers a great deal. They have a page called authors, which allows you to email their team about everything there are over 70 different people you can contact, and every contact has a different specialty. They also connect with a Facebook page and also twitter. The visuals on this blog are excellent; there are photos with every different post. This makes it easier to read, by giving a little insight into what your about to read. Navigating this blog is super easy. There are five main pages, the two I found the most help were authors, and the function of this page is above. And then the other page that is useful would have to be the categories page. Which has a big list of different categories that you might be looking into knowing more about and you can look up what you need to know. And the contributions and purpose are to inform customers about everything and anything they want to know about. Form their latest pair of shoes to their involvement in the communities and more.

So the business blog that Adidas uses is basically a information blog. Somewhere their customers can go to find out what ever they are trying to find out or just looking to know more about the company. The blog is also good advertisement for their company. And most people would like to see a website for companies they are interested in buying something from.

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Beginning in the unknown

As a new business student at the loyalist college I am about to start a new journey into the social media world.  In this new world I will get a chance to expand on what little I know about social media.  Also the impact social media has on the business world. And finally what I am most looking forward to in the course.

My first impression of the social media course is that there will be a lot of learning for me, because it looks like it will be a lot of computer and different internet programs. While  I do know a bit about some of the programs, for the most part I have had a pretty good ability to just test the water and figure it out that way. But when it’s not just for fun and  there is importance put on it the pressure makes me less willing to make mistakes. I believe for the most part the programs we will be learning will be new to me.  I know about social medias importance in getting the word about your business out to the world. Many businesses have a website so you can get intact with them. And some people get discouraged if they can’t find a company site, or people might never know about them.  So in this course I am really excited to learn how to use the different programs and sites.  As well as how to use these programs and sites in the business world.

The world of business is not so new to me, but the social media world is. However I can see it’s importance to the business world, being that you need to get the world out. I am really looking forward to learning  more about social medias impact on the business world, and learning about the different programs.

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