Beginning in the unknown

on September 15, 2012

As a new business student at the loyalist college I am about to start a new journey into the social media world.  In this new world I will get a chance to expand on what little I know about social media.  Also the impact social media has on the business world. And finally what I am most looking forward to in the course.

My first impression of the social media course is that there will be a lot of learning for me, because it looks like it will be a lot of computer and different internet programs. While  I do know a bit about some of the programs, for the most part I have had a pretty good ability to just test the water and figure it out that way. But when it’s not just for fun and  there is importance put on it the pressure makes me less willing to make mistakes. I believe for the most part the programs we will be learning will be new to me.  I know about social medias importance in getting the word about your business out to the world. Many businesses have a website so you can get intact with them. And some people get discouraged if they can’t find a company site, or people might never know about them.  So in this course I am really excited to learn how to use the different programs and sites.  As well as how to use these programs and sites in the business world.

The world of business is not so new to me, but the social media world is. However I can see it’s importance to the business world, being that you need to get the world out. I am really looking forward to learning  more about social medias impact on the business world, and learning about the different programs.


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