Suzy likes to Tweet

on September 29, 2012

This blog will focus on businesses that use twitter. The specific business I will be looking at is Suzy Shier. Will be looking at how they engage with the reader, how much they tweet, and visuals.

From what I’ve seen I would say that Suzy Shier uses their twitter pretty well. They update in often, they put information that the customers want to know like about sales. And they are pretty good at answering the questions of the customers.

The visuals of the page are well suited for getting you your attention. The site isn’t so cluttered with pictures that you can’t see but not so vacant that it looks deserted. I like that many customers appear to have put up pictures of their favorite Suzy Shier outfit or favorite thing from their store.

I feel that Suzy Shier uses their twitter site well. The visuals are great, and they engage their customers well. They also tweet often and tweet about things their customers are looking for. All and all a good page to read if you like Suzy Shier.


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