A few drops in an ocean

So far we’ve looked at some of the more well-known social media tools. Which are easier to see their effect on the world of business. But today were going to look at another two sites. We’re going to look at pinterest and instagram.

Instagram is an app you can get for your phone or IPod touch and some other types of phones. The app allows you to apply things called filters and data to photos. Then you can upload these photos to Facebook, twitter, tumblr or just save them and keep them for yourself. This can allow your business to use these photos to advertise and make them look professional yourself. And share them to all the media sites so that many people see them.

Pinterest is also a very cool site. Pinterest is like an online folder for all the pictures you like. Either one’s you have personally taken or one’s that are already on pinterest that you like and save to your account. You can create an account for yourself or just look through the different pictures. Once you set up your account to look through pictures already on pinterest you go to categories and pick what you’re interested in looking at. This means that if you’re a business you can set up a pinterest account geared toward what your business is all about and or you services and products. So people will see the advertising and want to try it.

So with both these sites it is very important to have a professional look. So that when potential customers visit the page they will be intrigued and not put off about maybe visiting the business or company. It’s a great way to advertise. And in a world that is so online, it’s a way to so what you have for people at are looking in that direction, and even catch the eye of some who are not.

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Online Video Pawsitivity.

So this week we’ve been looking at how businesses use inline videos and we were given a little summary of a business that is not real with the goal of telling how we would use online videos to promote said business. The business is called Pet Pawsitive. Pet Pawsitive is a mid-sized business with twi locations in Belleville and Kingston. Pet Pawsitive isn’t just your average pet store, Pet Pawsitive focuses on providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, and rehabilitation and service classes. The company is also known for their active role in their communities.
When thinking about how I would use online videos to promote this business I first thought about what I wanted this video to do. I want it to be memorable, I wanted it to get across the stores views and I wanted it to be easily accessible. I find that the first stop when it comes to looking up video’s online would have to be YouTube. YouTube is one of the most popular video cites and it’s free which makes it a terrific place to put our video to maximise the amount of viewers.

When I think about memorable videos I think about two different categories. I find videos that are either really funny of really touching to be the most memorable. I myself find that the videos that are just dropping a lot of facts without any life or excitement to be boring and I just tune out. So with our company being about wellness I think that were going to want to go for something heartfelt and touching.
Now to reach out to our audience. We want to let them know what were about without hitting them with seemingly endless facts. So I was thinking that the type of video should be a mix of behind-the-scenes and products and services. This will allow them to see what were about without the stats and facts. So maybe a mix of our work in the community and our services offered in our store.

When thinking about doing an online video for your company I think it’s a good idea to always keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish with your video. Then you can figure out the ways to make that happen. For example in mine I had the three key things I was going for memorable, showing our values, and accessibility. But why do an online video? Well it’s a great way to advertise. Just think about all the people that use the internet every day. And it’s not just random, this way you’ll get people who are actually searching for what you offer finding your business information. So next time why not give online videos a try.

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“That was Easy”.

Companies are doing their best to connect with their customers outside of the store. We’ve looked at how they use blogs and twitter so far and now were going to look at another form of social media that seems to be growing non-stop. Yep were going to look into how a company use their Facebook page to connect with their customers. Specifically were going to look at what they share on their page, how they engage with their customers and fans, and their ton and visuals. So were going to have a look at the Staples Facebook page to see how they use it.

Staples shares about what’s new in their store, and also a bit of history and knowledge about the company. And also their goals as a store. They share their weekly Ads so you can see what deals they have. I like that their time line goes all the way back to their founding in May of 1986. And their about blurb really gives you an idea of what the store is striving for, which in Staples case it is striving to make the complicated easier.

Connecting with the customers and fans. They offer a place to ask question and they always seem to get back to you in a matter of hours. I like that even when a customer had an issue with the service they had from Staples the people running the page help you to resolve it or they’ll get you the contact information to someone who can. And they ask that you let them know how it goes, so there not just sending you off and you’re done they want to see it through to the end of the problem. They also ask for the customer’s opinion. Like one of their resent posts asking “does your office show your personality”? So the page is all about getting to know about the customers.

The ton and visual of the page is casual, which I think is very good. I think that having a casual ton is good for the reader because you aren’t afraid to ask any question you like. The visuals are simple and clean, and good to grab the reader’s attention. Their banner shows their signature easy button. And the profile picture is their logo. All their visuals makes it easy to find the page which is very important, because it’s the first step to using the page.

I think that Staples uses their Facebook page very well. They share information that the customers are looking for, like sales and history. They connect with customers to answer questions and see it through to the end. Their visuals and ton make the page easy to find, and easy to communicate your full opinion. All this is key; you want people to enjoy what your company has to offer even outside of the store to keep them wanting to come back.

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