Online Video Pawsitivity.

on October 14, 2012

So this week we’ve been looking at how businesses use inline videos and we were given a little summary of a business that is not real with the goal of telling how we would use online videos to promote said business. The business is called Pet Pawsitive. Pet Pawsitive is a mid-sized business with twi locations in Belleville and Kingston. Pet Pawsitive isn’t just your average pet store, Pet Pawsitive focuses on providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, and rehabilitation and service classes. The company is also known for their active role in their communities.
When thinking about how I would use online videos to promote this business I first thought about what I wanted this video to do. I want it to be memorable, I wanted it to get across the stores views and I wanted it to be easily accessible. I find that the first stop when it comes to looking up video’s online would have to be YouTube. YouTube is one of the most popular video cites and it’s free which makes it a terrific place to put our video to maximise the amount of viewers.

When I think about memorable videos I think about two different categories. I find videos that are either really funny of really touching to be the most memorable. I myself find that the videos that are just dropping a lot of facts without any life or excitement to be boring and I just tune out. So with our company being about wellness I think that were going to want to go for something heartfelt and touching.
Now to reach out to our audience. We want to let them know what were about without hitting them with seemingly endless facts. So I was thinking that the type of video should be a mix of behind-the-scenes and products and services. This will allow them to see what were about without the stats and facts. So maybe a mix of our work in the community and our services offered in our store.

When thinking about doing an online video for your company I think it’s a good idea to always keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish with your video. Then you can figure out the ways to make that happen. For example in mine I had the three key things I was going for memorable, showing our values, and accessibility. But why do an online video? Well it’s a great way to advertise. Just think about all the people that use the internet every day. And it’s not just random, this way you’ll get people who are actually searching for what you offer finding your business information. So next time why not give online videos a try.


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