A few drops in an ocean

on October 22, 2012

So far we’ve looked at some of the more well-known social media tools. Which are easier to see their effect on the world of business. But today were going to look at another two sites. We’re going to look at pinterest and instagram.

Instagram is an app you can get for your phone or IPod touch and some other types of phones. The app allows you to apply things called filters and data to photos. Then you can upload these photos to Facebook, twitter, tumblr or just save them and keep them for yourself. This can allow your business to use these photos to advertise and make them look professional yourself. And share them to all the media sites so that many people see them.

Pinterest is also a very cool site. Pinterest is like an online folder for all the pictures you like. Either one’s you have personally taken or one’s that are already on pinterest that you like and save to your account. You can create an account for yourself or just look through the different pictures. Once you set up your account to look through pictures already on pinterest you go to categories and pick what you’re interested in looking at. This means that if you’re a business you can set up a pinterest account geared toward what your business is all about and or you services and products. So people will see the advertising and want to try it.

So with both these sites it is very important to have a professional look. So that when potential customers visit the page they will be intrigued and not put off about maybe visiting the business or company. It’s a great way to advertise. And in a world that is so online, it’s a way to so what you have for people at are looking in that direction, and even catch the eye of some who are not.


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