Putting your best foot forward

on November 11, 2012

So this week I’ll be talking about the importance of your digital footprint, and how you can enhance. We’ll be looking at the digital footprint from a business prospective. There are many different ways to clean up your digital footprint some that are really easy and well known and some that are not so known. For today were just going to look at three different possibilities.

It’s important to know what a will be seen when someone tries to look you up on Google. It’s even more so when you facture in that a possible future employer might take the time to Google job candidates. Not only is it great to check that there are no undesirable sites and photos it is also essential to broadcast yourself. You want an employer to see you; you want to start your first impression in a good direction before you even meet. It just might ensure that you do meet. For the case of small businesses you need to keep in mind that people can have the tendency to be a bit lazy. If it’s not on the first page, or the first few site choices it could be the deciding facture in the business choice someone takes.

The sites there are sites or apps that can also help with the better digital footprint. These usually differ slightly or sometimes a lot from each other. So before you pick one make user you read about what these sites are going to do and what the end result will be. For the most part they look into you social media sites for you and categorize what seem to be trends. Then either you can make the next step by taking the information you have received and just doing self-changes. So if it comes up that you maybe don’t use the most professional language you can move ahead knowing that you need to do better on that. Or most of the sites offer to change and get rid of a lot of the bad that you don’t want to keep. One I have stumbled across is called Socioclean, I have never used this site so please don’t just use it without learning more about it.

Most people out there have a picture somewhere that might not be of their best site, but a visually unflattering picture and a picture that does not flatter your character are very different. You want to make sure that the information that people can see out there about you is nothing but the best. So it might be time to take down the pic’s from that party that you were at a while bake and those posts between friends that are inside jokes that might be taken the wrong way from an outsider. And I know you thinking about those pictures you didn’t post but are in. well maybe it’s time to consider un-tagging yourself, if the pictures and important to you just save them to your computer. And the information about the pictures can be translated into posting and a number of other media tools. Just know that you can usually take off the info yourself or ask your buddy to sympathize with you and keep it under wraps. You don’t want employers to think that you are irresponsible or untrustworthy.

In this world where you can look up almost anything you want to know on the internet the need for a clean digital footprint has come to be necessary. And that goes double for the business world. You want to make sure first of all that the you they are goggling are actually you, and not someone with the same name that’s possibly going to make a bad impression. There are also sites out there that will look at your digital footprint and tell you what your sitting at which could make it easier to go from there to fix it. You also want to make sure that the information and pictures that you, your friends and others are putting on media sites is nothing but the best. No one wants to hire someone that does not conduct themselves in a professional manner. So all this is really just an action plan to make sure that your digital self is the very best. You want yourself to stand out before you even meet someone in person. And don’t just stop once your initial cleanup is done; make sure to keep the cleaning going. That means googleing yourself regularly, looking into the sites, and keeping up with what’s being put on you medial sites.


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