Planning Ahead

on November 19, 2012

So for this week’s blog we’ll be looking at setting up a social media plan for a business. For the sake of the blog it will be a made up business. The business is called Extreme Promotional Materials, they supplies personalized uniforms and promotional materials for sports teams and businesses. The have a variety of goods that can be personalized with lettering and logos, from sports team gear to pens. So now that you know a bit about the business I’m going to jump right into the social media plan that I have designed for this company.

The reasoning behind this social media plan for Extreme Promotional Materials (EPM) is to bring more business to the store. This would help with the idea of one day expanding the business. Once/ if we do expand being connected through the internet will help the stores stay connected.

Mission, Vision, Goals
Our mission is to provide customers with customized merchandise. We go to great lengths to see to it that the customers are completely happy with their experience. By making it as easy as possible to make, create, and designing the customers lettering and logos.

Key Messages
Were here to make your dreams a reality. We want to keep you coming back to us and have you even tell your friends about the great service and how easy it was for you to design, create, and receive your customized merchandise.

Target Audience
Our target audience would have to be businesses, teams, and clubs. The people that are going to want their name on different merchandise in order to hand it out. Or that have to where their logo in order to differentiate themselves form others.

Social Media Tools and Engagement Strategy
There are three main tools that I think we should use. I would like to use LinkedIn, twitter, and Facebook. I think that LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get our name out to different businesses and for them to find us. But because that won’t happen overnight were could use LinkedIn to contact them. I think twitter is a good idea because of how major twitter is. It could be a great way to put our name out there. And I think Facebook could be a great way to connect to different teams and clubs. A large amount of teams and clubs have a Facebook page so this would be a way to contact them.

Knowing what a social media plan is seems pretty easy right. It’s a plan for your social media. But knowing how to make one and put it to work is also important. And knowing the importance of what a social media plan can do for your business. It helps you to understand what you want and to make it a reality.


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