Break out the RULER

on November 26, 2012

So this week will looking at three different social media measurement tools. There are many different social media measurement tool out there, to name just a few there’s: Radian6, Retweet Rank, Sysomos, Klout, SWIX, Sprout Social, Youtube stats, and many more. The one’s I’ll be looking at today are Source Metrics, Twitter Counter, and Facebook Insight.

The first tool I’m going to look at is Source Metrics. Source Metrics allows you to publish to all your social channels from one place. You can see which of your social marketing campaigns your best performers are. Listen and engages with your critics. And tracks your audience and engagement for all your social channels. And it spots connections between your different social media sites.

Next I looked at Twitter Counter. Which unlike Source Metrics only looks at one media site, you guessed it Twitter. You have the option of the free version or you can pay for the pro and get more features. Twitter counter gives stats on the number of visitors and followers. They also offer widgets to add to your different sites so you can see recent twitter visitors going to those sites.

And lastly is going to look at Facebook Insights. Facebook insight tracks user interaction on their Facebook page. It shows you your best day of the week to post, and what type of content is the most popular. This tool also tells you the number of friends and fans that are potentially available ( the number of people you can reach), and also how many people are actively talking about you page.

The importance of social media measurement tools to a business is that if you better understand your audience then you can know how to make your business sites better to keep them coming back. You want to know what your online audience wants. So you can give it to them before they take their business elsewhere.


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