Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow


So today we say good bye to social media class. It feels like it was just the other day that we were meeting for the first time. Everything was new and exciting, and uncertain.  When I first started this course I really knew very little about any of these social media tools.

I learnt not only about countless social media tools, but their aspects in the business world.  I feel less like a newbie in the subject then when I started. Although I am far from a professional, but at least I know what the tools are about including their relation to business. And how it opens the world up to its business.

Although I’ve come far from the newbie I was when we started at the beginning of the semester I do still feel that I have way more learning to do before I would ever even consider myself a professional . I feel that I can take what I have learnt and apply it to my future in the business world. I may not be considering owning my own business right now but it does have a nice sound to it for the future.

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